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So much pleasure at the turn of a hand!

DELEIKA® Street Organs made in Germany traditionally handcrafted

Handmade instruments with music strips or memory control – worldwide shipping.

In our traditional manufactory in Germany (Bavaria) we produce our various and original DELEIKA® street organs in pure craftsmanship. Choose between different models with melodies on music strips or within our own invented memory control.

Pure handwork: During the process of building the instrument (also known as “barrel organ”, “hurdy gurdy” or “monkey grinder”) there is no single step of automation. Everything – and we mean business – is made and installed by hand. The result is an absolutely unique and wonderful piece of art with a fine function. The hand-painted rustic art as well as the noble wood integrated inlays will make you the owner of a unique item.

Since 1996 we manufacture in “Dinkelsbuehl” and provide worldwide shipping

Since our founding in 1981 DELEIKA® stands for best service and high-class quality. Feel free to convince yourself. You are warmly welcome in our street organ manufactory in Germany (Dinkelsbuehl). Here you can also take a look at our popular museum.

Your beloved melody: Do you have a very specific music request and you want us to make it available for your street organ? Even then DELEIKA® has the solution. Just decide between the classical music strip (also available for other fabrics) or the memory control.

Unique Street Organs from Germany – more facts

With a DELEIKA® street organ you can choose from more than 3.300 songs to build your memory of choice. You want to take a look at our music selection? Here you find our lists of songs. Just pick your favorite melodies.

Worldwide shipping and service: It does not always have to be a brand new instrument. Many of our enthusiasts regularly catch a glimpse of our used street organs.

Man working on street organ
Inside of a street organ
Street organ museum
DELEIKA GmbH also offers repairs to third-party products. Just give us a mail and tell us about your problem. If the manufacturer still exists, in most cases we can also use original spare parts. We will find a solution for manufacturers that no longer exist. To all used barrel organ buyers. We are happy to provide advice and service, as well as assistance with the placement of used instruments.