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DELEIKA® Street Organs made in Germany traditionally handcrafted

Handmade instruments with music strips or memory control – worldwide shipping.

In our traditional manufactory in Germany (Bavaria) we produce our various and original DELEIKA® street organs in pure craftsmanship. Choose between different models with melodies on music strips or within our own invented memory control.

Pure handwork: During the process of building the instrument (also known as “barrel organ”, “hurdy gurdy” or “monkey grinder”) there is no single step of automation. Everything – and we mean business – is made and installed by hand. The result is an absolutely unique and wonderful piece of art with a fine function. The hand-painted rustic art as well as the noble wood integrated inlays will make you the owner of a unique item.

Since 1996 we manufacture in “Dinkelsbuehl” and provide worldwide shipping

Since our founding in 1981 DELEIKA® stands for best service and high-class quality. Feel free to convince yourself. You are warmly welcome in our street organ manufactory in Germany (Dinkelsbuehl). Here you can also take a look at our popular museum.

Your beloved melody: Do you have a very specific music request and you want us to make it available for your street organ? Even then DELEIKA® has the solution. Just decide between the classical music strip (also available for other fabrics) or the memory control.

Unique Street Organs from Germany – more facts

With a DELEIKA® street organ you can choose from more than 3.300 songs to build your memory of choice. You want to take a look at our music selection? Here you find our lists of songs. Just pick your favorite melodies.

Worldwide shipping and service: It does not always have to be a brand new instrument. Many of our enthusiasts regularly catch a glimpse of our used street organs.

DELEIKA GmbH also offers repairs to third-party products. Just give us a mail and tell us about your problem. If the manufacturer still exists, in most cases we can also use original spare parts. We will find a solution for manufacturers that no longer exist. To all used barrel organ buyers. We are happy to provide advice and service, as well as assistance with the placement of used instruments.


Christmas offer 2021  from 2021,11,16 to 2022,02,28

Dear friends and customers of DELEIKA,

you will not receive any mail from us this year. The reason for this is that we will change our organ control system in the next year and we were forced to find a new solution for the old system, memory, which we also found.

The new memory has now got a few more functions so that the operation is easier, which also includes accessories such as midi and passing game (accessories). It is now possible to save practically all songs on a memory. With the 26th organ, that's at least 2,203 songs.

Feel free to ask us how we can summarize your memories if you want.

Customers with our drums can now also operate the drums wirelessly with a new memory (accessory). No more cables between the organ and drums. To do this, however, the control of the drum kit must be exchanged for a new control at our cost price. Not only is there no longer a cable, the new control system also uses less power. The batteries last longer. What is new is that the volume of the drums can be regulated over 3 levels!

If you have any questions, we look forward to your call.

Unfortunately, we have to inform our music rolls customers that the prices for standard and custom/wishing music rolls will have to be increased from next year 2022. Our suppliers have also turned the price screw vigorously and unfortunately we cannot swallow this surcharge. We are sorry. So if the wishing rolls or standard rolls are ordered by December 31, 2021, the old prices still apply.

The offer for GEFI Nobatronik customers has been expanded to include an option. With the new system, it is now possible for us to save your old songs on the new memory, even with a minimum order quantity of 10 songs. This means that the earlier request/wishing memory can be omitted. The prerequisite here is that you are ready to invest 90.00 euros once. From then on, we will attach all future orders from a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces to your memory free of charge. (New option)


Otherwise, our offer from previous years applies, wish-songs from the special memory lists 20/100 and 26/100:

1 - 99 songs at 14.00 euros each.

100 - ??? Songs at 7.50 euros

each Existing complete special memory without changing the song sequence for 500.00 euros This also includes our Christmas memory song collection for 20 and 26 DELEIKA organs

We would be happy to send you our new Excel files of the special / Sondermemorys  by email with the option of simply ticking the box to easily order your desired titles. Just send an email and we will send you the lists.

When placing an order, please ask us by mail how your order will be processed this year. We are also happy to explain the background to why we are bringing a new control onto the market. The only important thing is that all options for the old system are still available. There will also be future repairs for the old system.

This year we give you the opportunity to have the street organ checked by March 2022 at the special price of 55.00 euros. (Includes the first lesson. If there is more to be done on the organ, it will be billed precisely. The offer does not include any spare parts)

Please let us know any questions you may have. Preferably by mail. Thanks.

We wish you all that you can get through this stressful time and let us all take care that we stay healthy and that we can see each other again soon under normal circumstances and without masks.

Your DELEIKA street organ building team 

P.S. all prices are includes the german tax of 19 %

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