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MuseumDELEIKA® street organ - worldwide

The good old days ... relived!

High quality and wonderful sounds have been the characteristics of street organs right from the beginning. Glide back into the impressive, exciting and magical world of the ‘Golden Fifties’. Visit our DELEIKA® museum.

Even today, DELEIKA® street organs are unique and valuable specimens in hand-crafted perfection. Come and see for yourself during a visit to our manufacturing facilities.

Indulge in memories in the section "The Golden Fifties", and turn the hands of time back for a moment.

Discover various musical instruments from the 19th and 20th century:

  • Self-playing double accordion
  • Self-playing piano
  • Street organ with folding carton
  • Various historic street organs, e.g. by Gebr. Ruth, BACIGALUPO
  • Bristol flute-clock

Many other rarities complement our exhibition.

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