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Corona Virus Covid 19

Dear friends of the barrel organ, interested parties and friends of the DELEIKA barrel organs. At the moment we are not allowed to receive you in our company. But that does not mean that we are not allowed to work for you. If you have problems call us. If you want to find out more about our instruments, call or write us an e-mail. we are there for you every day.

We can still accept repairs. We can also carry out these repairs. Unfortunately, you may no longer be there. This is no longer for your and our protection.

As long as there is no curfew for you, you can come for repairs. Also to pick up new organs.

We are happy to extend our Christmas offer 2019. So if there is now time to choose for one or the other, we will deliver your orders at a special price by the end of May.

We wish everyone to come with health for you and all your loved ones through this very, very strange time. Please stay at home and help yourself and others.

Sincerely your DELEIKA team

Kai Rafeldt

Barrel organ exhibition in the forum craftsman's court Nuremberg

From the 8th June to the 17th June 2018 there is a barrel organ exhibition in the forum craftsman's court Nuremberg. 

On the 16th and 17th June 2018 one barrel organ day takes place in the craftman's court. Three barrel organ players will introduce their instruments and allow to sound. Even my turn everybody which is interested in this nice instrument of course also.

Open door day

On the 12th and 13th of May this year we will open our doors again.
Barrel organ interested and our valued customers are welcome.
Food and drink are provided.
We hope to spend some nice hours with you and look forward
to numerous registrations.

35 years DELEIKA

open door day

Thank you for the many visitors to our great day. More than 200 people found their way to us. It made us that interest was all just got so big. There were 3 wonderful days we could spend with you. With free meals at Backhäusle, cakes and drinks buffet we are well looked after. Thanks also to Mr. Gerhard Frontzek with his Backhäusle offered us super delicious thinks from the wood stove.

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