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Music strips & patented memory control DELEIKA® street organs - worldwide

The world novelty: Historic and modern!

DELEIKA® street organs are lovely hand-crafted, based on the traditional music-strip technology. Our GEFI Nobatronic system allows you to experience pure nostalgia combined with state-of-the-art technology.

The street organs can on request be fitted with an integrated memory along with the music strip. You then have up to 2,200 further melodies at the touch of a button. Song pre-selection (for instance, waltzes only) is also possible.


The possibilities are endless with the patented DELEIKA® memory control. Choose your personal favourite memory from more than 4,000 songs. Similar to the music strip, you can determine the beat by varying the cranking speed.

Proven technology ... fascinatingly simple!

By turning the crank handle, air flows from the bellows into the pipes. The music strip regulates the flow of air to the pipes and magical music rings out. The speed at which you crank the handle determines the speed (also applies to Memory of the melody being played.

Feel free to download our song lists for favourite songs on memory and music strip, including standard music strips for 16, 20 and 26 notes.

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