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Used street organs DELEIKA® - worldwide

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Much cheaper as new street organ models. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone - we speak english, also we have a sales partner for North America. Interested to get used street organ with 2-year warranty? Contact DELEIKA team now.

NT 20/31 wooden inlay New

20 tunes 31 wooden pipes

200 songs/melodies in the memory
built on 26.09.2017
with sleight transport damage
without cart/carriage!

NT 26/44 wooden inlay

26 Tunes/notes
44 wooden pipes

600 songs/melodies in the memory
cart/carrige: EX bright elevated

NT 26/44 F red

26 tunes/notes  44 wooden pipes

400 songs/melodies in the memory
4 batteries extra
prodected cover
cart/carriage: EX/L bright

T 20/31 F green

20 tunes 31 wooden pipes

300 songs/melodies in the memory
cart/carriage: SM bright NEW

NT 20/31 FS red Special painting by an artist

20 tunes/notes 31 wooden pipes

500 songs/melodies in the memory
cart/carriage: EX/L dark

DF 20/31 F

construction year: 1984-1985

20 tunes 31 wooden pipes

10 music paper roll

cart/carriage: SM

 NT26/44 wooden inlay dark

NT26/44 wooden inlay dark

26 tunes/scales, 44 pipes
more than 1300 songs/melodies in the memory
1 music/paper roll
glockenspiel with glissando control/ percussion, orchestra
14 electrically animated figures

cart/carriage comes with electric drive